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Donald R. Beyerl~ President

Available Boring Equipment:

Complete Steering Kit

complete steering kit

New Patented Hydraulic Steering Head that is capable of cutting through half rock and half dirt while maintaining your elevation with 20 ton of steering power. One of the nice things about our new steering head is you can use a regular lead auger, the tighter the better, only have to cut 2" and 1-1/2" by 2" channel to cover hydraulic and water gauge hoses which you can tack to casting.

Once you hook up the steering you can keep adding additional casting and channel while keeping and accurate water gauge reading. You can use our new pressurized water system, and any size casting from 6" to 72".

  1. 10 foot length of casing with hydraulic steering mechanism and two wings for up and down steering
  2. Water level sensor
  3. 1-1/2"* 2" Channel and 1/8" hydraulic hose to run 200 feet
  4. 200 feet of 3/8" hose for water gauge
  5. Hydraulic hoses on reel spool with swivel
  6. Pump- will have pressure gauge so you know how much pressure you are applying.

24" Hydraulic Steering Head - $12,500.00
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